Qupio® is a new online program for overweight people concerned about diabetes. Users find it to be especially helpful when its meal planning features are used for weight loss.


Are you looking for an online lifestyle management solution to include in your daily activities that doesn’t require a BIG change to your lifestyle? Try the Qupio® program. We’ll get you started with 6 months of customized meal and activity plans and coaching that will help you on your journey to weight loss success!

Healthcare Professionals

Do you have a practice with people you are helping to manage weight or avoid the onset of Type 2 diabetes? Check out the Qupio® program. It’s an online lifestyle management solution that offers personalized meal and exercise planning and tracking, weight loss goal setting and adjustment, and personalized coaching to assist your patients and clients in reaching the goals you’ve helped them set.

Human Resource Professionals

Do you want to provide your employees a solution that has been shown to help users achieve their weight loss goals? Learn more about the Qupio® program. Your workforce will have access to an online lifestyle management tool that’s easy to incorporate into their daily lives and has been shown to help participants manage their weight!

Success Stories